Modifications - Last Update 11/09/05

The Vehicle:

1989 Nissan BNR32 Skyline GTR

RB26DETT 2.6L DOHC Twin Turbo Intercooled

ATTESSA Active Torque Split 4WD System

2 x GT2530's 0.63 Trim
HKS Fast Acting 0.8Bar Wastegate Actuators
HKS Stainless Steel Ex Manifolds (Wrapped)
HKS Stainless Split Dump Pipes (Wrapped)
2 x Z32 AFM's w/K&N Pods
SARD 700cc Injectors
HKS Front Mount Intercooler 720x320x115
HKS IC Piping
APEXi Power FC
Larger Radiator
HKS Oil Filter Moval Kit
HKS Remote Oil Cooler Kit
3" Zorst

Clear Front Indicators
N1 FMIC Ducts
Window Tint 35% Fr 20% Rear
Veilside Front Lip

Guages in A Pillar

ULTRA Speed Meter
Mines Oil Temp Guage
Trust Full Auto Turbo Timer
APEXi AVC-R Boost Controller
FC Commander

Variable ATTESSA Controller for Cornering.

M's TSC Drag Launch ATTESSA Controller
Viper 791X Alarm with Remote Start and Paging

  -Digital Tilt Sensor with Internal Microwave
  -Glass Break Sensors
  -Battery Backup
  -Trunk Release

17" AVS Rims
255/40/17 All round
TEIN HA Coilovers
Front LSD
Rear LSD
Front Strut Brace
Rear Strut Brace
Braided Brake Lines
Master Cylinder Stopper

Audio: (I have no interest in car audio)
Add-Zest CD reciever unit, Tilt Face w/remote
Add-Zest 6 Stacker CD
Clarion 6's
**Add-Zest is a Clarion Brand**

Future mods: (some under way now..)
TEIN EDFC (Electonic Dampening Force Controller) **New one on its way, already wired**

Tomei HICAS Removal Kit **On its way**

Trust Front/Dump Pipes **On their way here**

Ceramic Coat the turbine housings, manifolds and dump/fronts

Larger Exhaust - ~4”
Engine Dampener (Found one)
Adj Rear Upper Control Arms
Do Luck Rear Cross Brace **On Back Order in Japan**
Camshafts (High lift low duration) Prob Tomei 260deg 10.80mm Lift
Valve Springs
Solid Lifters
Kevlar Timing Belt
Adjustable Cam Gears
Oil Restrictor Orrifice
N1 Oil Pump
Metal Head Gasket (1.2-1.5mm)
HKS Twin Power
ARC Oil Catch Can
ARC Titanium Hood Panel
Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms
Fit Items: (Already have)
-Guages **Parts here ready for install**
  -GReddy 52mm Oil Temp
  -GReddy 52mm Oil Pressure
  -GReddy 52mm Water Temp
-Momo Steering Wheel with Scramble Boost Button
GReddy Aluminium Top Radiator Hose *Need to Mod Slightly*
Battery Relocation!!!!
Nismo Key *Here*

Fit the Air Inlet Snorkel **Here, awaiting a patient and time consuming install**

Fit the remote door lock motors
Stereo Components
  -JBL Speakers
  -Complete Rewire **Finished**
  -Hard Mount CD Changer
Possibly a Vented Bonnet
Fit Anti Lag for FC-Datalogit – Not currently supported by FC-Datalogit