Drag Racing the GTR...

After only having the car for a few days and only having about 2 hours of time behind the wheel, I took the opportunity to test the car out at the Kwinana Motorplex in Perth. I knew that I wouldn't get another chance at this for a long time, so I went along for the Whoop Ass Wednesday meeting. I was not there to get good reaction times as these aren't counted at these meetings, I was mostly after some times. Below is the movies and time slips scanned in, a couple of them they got my number wrong..

Drag Run 1

Time Slip

      13.8 Seconds

      Running Low boost (0.8 Bar) as I must have bumped the Boost controller off and experiencing some misfiring. The launch was crap, but the run felt pretty good.

      The Gtech timed this pass nicely.

Drag Run 2

Time Slip

      13.7 Seconds

      Running Low Boost still, this was when I noticed that the boost was low, as well as the EGT light coming on, I then had a look under the bonnet as the misfiring was pretty bad. A mate noticed that the Vaccuum hose was off of the Fuel Pressure Regulator, this was replaced and the boost controller set up.

The Gtech failed to time this run and all other runs..

Drag Run 3

Time Slip

      12.8 Seconds

      High Boost is good, unfortunately the camera did not focus on this run, poor guy in the Silvia got owned. This run felt much better and the top end really opened up.

Drag Run 4

Time Slip

      12.8 Seconds

      High Boost is a lot of fun, this time I was trying to get the best launch I could, I got a 1.9 Second 60 foot time. The car launched off pretty hard, but was out of traction through first and was deep limiting past 8200rpm. I shifted a little too early and this put me lower int eh rev range than optimal for second gear. Recovering nicely I reeled in the wagon, who thought he was top shit for beating a GTR (we spoke afterwards) I walked past him in top half of the track.

Drag Run 5

Time Slip

      12.78 Seconds

      High Boost. Trying to get the best launch possible and a decent reaction time I revved the car up a fair bit to get things spinning, the launch was okay, but it bogged down a little. Mid track the car felt great and I thought that I would have gone faster, but alas I didn't.. 60 foot time was 2.1 Seconds..